You may already be working with a team of KOLs but are unsure of their value. Alternatively, we may have suggested KOLs following a KOL identification and mapping exercise and you require additional information to refine your choice and use of KOLs. In these situations pharma-KOL can employ traditional techniques to validate the KOLs.

pharma-KOL nominated KOLs
The KOLs identified using pharma-KOL solutions can be validated using desk research and surveying to examine the factors such as membership of Guideline Committees, Editorial Boards, FDA/ EMEA (CHMP) committees, society positions and presentation history.


Existing KOLs
Alternatively, you may have identified your own group of KOLs and need to validate their presence in the therapy area. In these situations, pharma-KOL would use desk research to show whether your KOLs are as good as you think they are!

Additionally, pharma-KOL can perform a KOL identification and mapping exercise to assess which of your KOLs have a demonstrable presence in the therapy are and if necessary suggest replacements.

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