Scientometric and Bibliometric Analysis

Scientometrics is the measurement and analysis of science. In practice, scientometrics is often performed using bibliometric techniques (the measurement of scientific publications). The core philosophy of pharma-KOL is to remove the personal bias that exists within any social network. Therefore, before we can perform any of our advanced social network analyses we must start with objective, replicable data. In this way, publication data forms the basis from which to start the selection process; removing the subjective views of an individual. pharma-KOL uses a number of different metrics to evaluate the performance of each individual physician or scientist. The metrics and analysis performed will depend on each client's requirements.

Social Network Analysis
pharma-KOL works in collaboration with one of the UK's leading social scientists to analyse the KOL environment using social network methodologies. Such techniques examine the relationships between individuals which can be as diverse as the like/dislike; trust and friendship etc that operate in any social context. The strength of these relationships determines the density and diversity of the therapy area. Social network analysis views social relationships in terms of nodes and ties. Nodes are the individuals (KOLs) within the networks, and the ties are the relationships between them. Using the outputs from our bibliometric analyses the social network methodologies are able to show the key players in a therapy area who drive the thought-leadership.

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